Form Builder Spreadsheet - Write data from Excel to Word document templates

Legaltree Publishing Inc.

The spreadsheet is made available by Legaltree Publishing Inc. and allows one to write data from Excel into Word documents. The user created Word document templates must contain field codes (user defined) which are also listed in the spreadsheet, and the spreadsheet must also list the corresponding variable values which are to be written into the locations of the field codes in the Word documents. This document automation / document assembly process avoids having to retype the same data into multiple Word document forms which may be used from time to time. This spreadsheet can be used by lawyers who frequently enter the same data into multiple forms (e.g. litigation file details written into various different court forms), but the spreadsheet is designed to be flexible and could be used in any situation where a set of data is to be written to multiple Word documents.

Detailed explanation of the spreadsheet at:

Video of spreadsheet:

Designed for Windows computers only, not Macs.

Requires Desktop versions of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Terms of download and license:

  • The price paid is for a license for a minimum of 1 year (file currently available for download expires December 31, 2024).
  • The spreadsheet can be used one user for any purpose (private or commercial) and on any number of devices used by that user.
  • Transfer of the spreadsheet to others for their use (including, without limitation, resale of the spreadsheet), is not permitted.
  • The sheets of the Workbook are not password protected or locked, and users may modify them as they see fit, but the Visual Basic Editor is locked.
  • Users assume all risk of loss or damage resulting from use of the spreadsheet.
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Macro enabled Excel workbook for writing data from Excel to Word

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Form Builder Spreadsheet - Write data from Excel to Word document templates

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